A Family Heirloom Saved

Kim wanted to preserve her grandmother’s ring. It had three stones, and she dreamed of adding two new stones for her daughter and granddaughter. The ring, however, was extremely worn down and thin, and would not support the additional gems. In most cases I would separate the stones and create a whole new setting, but the ring meant a lot to Kim, and she wanted her grandmother’s ring to be with her forever. I was able to reinforce it with more gold on the sides to widen the band and add more above and beneath to improve security of the gems. In essence I covered the ring in gold, but the original ring was still there as it’s foundation. I was able to add the extra stones, and when she saw it, it brought tears to Kim’s eyes.

I’d just like to thank Jewelry by Thahir from the bottom of my heart for the work he did for me. When I was just 7 years old, my Nana passed away and my aunt let me have her mother’s ring. I’ve kept that ring for decades and it only just recently occurred to me to find a jeweler to switch out the stones to represent my family and to size it so I can wear it. My plan is to pass it on to my daughter in a few years and hopefully she will give it to my granddaughter. My Nana’s presence has always been felt by me, and now there will be a physical reminder of her in our family for generations to come! Thank you!

~ Kim R.

The Old Transformed

[Name] had many rings she no longer wore, and there were beautiful diamonds among them. Rather than sell them for pennies on the dollar, she decided to repurpose the diamonds and create earrings and pendants for her two daughters, her granddaughter, and herself. What a great idea! I was able to give her credit for the original gold and create new pieces that they all just loved. It was a wonderful way for these four ladies to have a common set they could wear each day and cherish together.

A Unique Mark

[Name] loved cats and had a stunning Celtic tattoo on her shoulder. She had always dreamed of getting it made into a pendant but thought something like that would be out of her price range. I told her let’s see what we can do! I was able to create the pendant for her, and she loves it!

Beautiful, Thahir Farook! Such skilled work! I love it and will wear it with pride!
~ Name

More Testimonials

This is one of the most special moments of my life and having a custom ring made by Thahir made it even more amazing. The craftsmanship and beauty of this ring is perfect. Thahir, you are amazing, and I am so happy with the finished product! Thank you!!!
~ Danielle R.

I damaged my wedding ring and was distraught. I hit the diamond on the wall causing one of the prongs around the diamond to move almost completely to the next prong. I had done something similar about 3 years ago and I know who to contact! Thahir Farook is the best! His jewelry repair is beyond words. Quick, excellent, and affordable repair. The ring even came back cleaner and shinier than before! I couldn’t be happier. Thank you so much, Thahir!
~ Scarlet J.

I’d like to thank Thahir for helping me with my engagement ring. It turned out spectacular and is everything I wanted. He was so helpful throughout the process, and she loves it! I would advise anyone who is looking into custom jewelry or engagement rings to contact him. Thanks again, Thahir!
~ Kenneth G.

It is unbelievable how much better my ring looks after Thahir worked on it! My center diamond was about to fall out because the prongs were in really bad shape. I can’t thank you enough, Thahir. This ring means the world to me. Great job! You are awesome at what you do!
~ Rosemary B.