Custom Design

Create your own, and cherish it forever!

More than anything, I’m passionate about creating personalized jewelry that surpasses time. There’s an amazing sentimental value in owning a unique piece — be it an engagement ring with a special meaning, a pendant of a personal mark, or a family heirloom reimagined for the next generation. The possibilities are endless.

I like to call my approach “affordable custom.” Many people don’t consider custom design due to the high price tag it may carry. However, with the help of my wholesale relationships, my personal design expertise, and a true commitment to putting you first, I’m able to make the impossible happen.

For example, a client of mine had a specific men’s platinum ring in mind and received a quote of $15,000 from a commercial retail store. I was able to create the exact same ring for him for $5,000 — just one third of the price.

I also stand by all my work. I bring global experience and stones from around the world. I’m very particular about the final piece, how it looks, and how it should be. The dedication I offer is not something you’ll find in a retail shop, and especially not at the price I can offer.

Even if you have a limited budget, please do not give up hope on your unique design. There are always options, and I have ways of making adjustments to fit the bill. For example, if you have time, we could wait for the prices of stones to drop. I can also task my wholesalers to find one that has an inclusion in a place that’s invisible to the naked eye. Only you and I would know. And as with everything I do, I will be 100% transparent with you always. Your satisfaction is most important to me, and I believe in clear, honest communication.  

So bring your ideas, your dreams and special moments, and let’s see what we can create together!

Where do you get your stones?

I have loyal partnerships worldwide and am able to source stones from places like Sri Lanka, Thailand, South America, Africa, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. Depending on the stone, I know exactly where to purchase it. Every stone is bought wholesale, and that wholesale price is carried over to the client with a small markup.

Are your stones ethically sourced?

Yes, all stone are 100% ethically sourced, and fair trade.

What metals do you work with?

You can select from silver, gold, platinum, and palladium.

Can you reuse metal from an existing piece?

I do not reuse gold or platinum, since reusing these metals creates tiny air pockets in the recasting. Over time, this will cause the metal to crack. Instead, I give refinery credit for the metal, which is then used as a down payment towards the new piece. I’ll create a new setting with fresh metal, guaranteed to last. In the end, you’ll save money, instead of lose money through compromised material.

What if I have a family heirloom that I don’t want to part with?

If you don’t want to part with the metal, I will first evaluate it. I can then reinforce it with new metal, where needed. I may end up encasing it in fresh metal, but inherently you still have the original piece in its foundation.

Do I provide the design, or do you?

If you have a particular design in mind, I’d be happy to create it for you. I’ll work with you, first, to ensure its viability. What looks aesthetical in concept may not be practical for everyday use, or it may compromise the security of stones. We’ll work together to come up with a solution that’s both secure and satisfying. On the other hand, if you simply have a style in mind, I’d be happy to design the piece for you.

Do you accept returns or refunds on custom work?

Since these are custom designs, all sales are final. However, we will have clear communication throughout the process, and I’ll supply designs and wax samples to sign off on before going to final production.

What happens if my jewelry needs to be fixed?

Everything I create comes with lifetime service. This covers refinishing items that show general wear over time. If specific damage has resulted out of one of life’s unfortunate mishaps, there will be an extra charge to correct. I also charge to reinforce metal that has worn down after many years of use.

The Process

Determine Design & Budget

We’ll start by discussing your design and budget, and I’ll let you know what’s possible. You may be pricing high, or I may ask if you can come up. There are always options, and we’ll work together to achieve the perfect design and pricing for you.

Purchase Stones

Once we’ve agreed to the price, I’ll search out the right stone for that price range. When those stones are secured, you’ll sign off on the stones.

Create Design Samples

Next comes the exciting part. This is where your dream begins to take form! Getting your vision right is important, so I’ll supply you with an actual-sized wax replica of the piece. This will let you hold it in your hand, try it on, and see if everything is just as you’d like. Depending on the design, I may provide a CAD drawing as well. CAD is only appropriate for simple designs, so if it’s a complex piece we may just go straight to wax. Either way, you’ll have a clear sample to evaluate and make a safe decision from. When everything meets your expectations, you’ll sign off on the wax sample.

Determine the Metal

With the design in place, I’ll explain your options for metals, and provide pricing. You will then sign off on your decision, and we’ll move onto final production.

Create the Final Piece

With everything in place, we’ll move to the final step. Hold your breath, we’re almost there! It usually takes about _____ days to reach completion at this point. Once created, I’ll send the piece to you securely, and it’ll be yours forever!


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